Workshops, Groups, Programmes

Most workshops take place at Woodbine Cottage, in the Forest of Dean. The setting is a beautiful and quiet one overlooking fields and trees, cows and sheep. The workspace is limited and so each workshop has a maximum of 4 participants. Lunch is provided and so is all the material used during the day.

A variety of workshops are offered:
Taster days: these are intended for participants who would like to be introduced to what reflecting on self-awareness may be like, or get a feel for working with fabric and thread. The morning consists of a variety of exercises that focus mainly on the sense of touch; in the afternoon you will create a piece, yours to take home, that reflects an aspect of your own story.  

Themed days: these workshops are aimed at participants with some experience in self-awareness wishing to explore themes such as:

Threads of Life   *   The Golden Thread   *   Hanging by a Thread   *   Knotted Threads *   Secret Threads   *   Layers of Cloth   *   Warp & Weft   *   Threadbare   *   Stunning Threads   *   Invisible Threads   *   Broken Threads or other relevant themes that may be suggested.

Ongoing individual or small group work: at present a small group gathers once a month for an afternoon and continue to work with their chosen threads of life. Similar work is available on request.

Attic to heART:  A 5-day workshop where transforming an item of clothing that holds deep emotion carries the work of transforming whatever trapped, painful emotions into resolved, unknotted and more peaceful ones.  For more information see dedicated page under About.

Fabric Memories:   Create a work of art as a result of reliving, celebrating or re-structuring memories using cloth as the medium. This is a weekend workshop.

Community and School based Intervention:  This have taken place in the past when funding has been available. See dedicated page for details. 


Pulling the layers back that have covered the blossoming self