Work at Schools

The enquiry arrived out the blue, from a local school, whether I would work with a 'looked after child'. There was no doubt; my long standing passion and my experience over many years working with such children pulled me right in to explore what options were possible.

The 10-week intervention aimed at both increasing emotional awareness and learning effective ways of communicating such emotions. It involved working with a group of four, 11-year olds who were transiting to secondary school together. The programme included focus on feelings, recognising them, embodying them (feeling them in the body through dancing), talking about them and then creating, through the medium of fabric, thread, paint, embellishments and other textiles, a piece that reflected what they felt or had experienced in the session, or sometimes creating an item that would comfort them at times of distress. 

This group ran from March to May 2016

Here are some of their comments - as expected, their names have been changed.

Abigail:       It helped me control in a good way and made me feel I had people there when I was upset, angry or happy. It helped me understand that anger is not bad, its what you do with it that may be.

Alice:           I think we should do more dancing so we can feel that feeling that is there, as we dance we dance the bad feelings away. I think we should do more sewing because it is a calm way to communicate.

Anne:          Making (the creative part) was very helpful. The programme helped me so much because I had less stress.

Alison:            I liked the sewing part best. Doing something else and talking helped me with handling feelings. 


A reminder of the objects created for comfort at times of anxiety


All the images on that page were created by participants in the project.