Participant's Comments


Was an unexpected and 'transforming' journey, sensitively facilitated. Ours was a taster session, left me hungry for the main course! Thoroughly recommend the aperitif, just come with an open mind and heart. Ana creates a wonderfully safe space which allowed us to make a unique journey today.
Anon, March '17


Throughly enjoyed the Taster Day. Found it thought provoking and I was able to explore my feelings and thoughts in a very creative way, in a beautiful and safe space.
LV, March '17


I found the work with threads appealed on many levels - the colours, textures, the invitation to play.
I was surprised how quickly I got in touch with memories and important/significant aspects of my life. My fingers remembered how to do blanket stitch and this connected me with my younger self as well as with my mother teaching me to sew.  The materiality of the medium was in itself a holding.
Ana introduced the workshop and held the space in a very professional, safe and creative way.  I would (and have) recommended your workshops to other people without hesitation.    
Lizzie, Oct '16                                                        


As soon as I saw the colourful threads and the wonderful array of materials something inside me responded immediately and I was transported back to childhood. I wanted to touch, to feel and play with an urgency I hadn’t expected.  When invited to explore the fabrics, my hands took on a life of their own. It was as if they held memories long forgotten and wanted to tell their part of my story. Thank you so much for this inspiring workshop which helped me rediscover and re-engage with lost magic.            
Anonymous, Oct '16                                                                                                                                                  


I find myself astonished for some reason (probably because I have never really used or played with materials in my adult life, but they are so feminine I feel) and although I have learned to be creative with painting and clay etc with freedom in the BodySoul work, this is different.
I can't quite believe I have done this work!  I don't know myself in it, but it makes me think that the colours and textures coming into form, are a symbol for what we can do creatively in our lives, and how our working with 'threads' which are not so visibly vibrant can come back to us with such richness. You just have to get out there and meet it!
Here is a new year surprise for me.  I can't stop looking at it!!  Is that really me who has done that...???      
Joanna, Oct '16       


I have really enjoyed the day. The quiet and the time away from the usual demands has been refreshing. There are lots of images and ideas for me to ponder and use to view things in a different and positive way.  
AA, June '16                                       


I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The tranquility of sitting and playing with threads and materials and watching something unfold was a joy, a meditation and beautiful to watch and be part of the unconscious creation. I also enjoyed the sharing at the end of the day.  
JJ, June '16                                                                                                                                                                           


A very enjoyable day in beautiful surroundings and a lovely lunch. Many thanks Ana for an inspirational experience and one i would like to repeat.  
LL, March '16                                                                                                                                                         


Really felt affected emotionally by the day in a positive way. Has given me lots to think about. Will be trying out some of the mornings exercises at home, dancing freely, using touch and eyes more and recognising some of the things that make me calmer, e.g. stroking earrings and using that.  
PP, March '16                                                                                                                   


Ana is an inspiration; she created a wonderful place for us all to discover hidden parts of ourselves.  
BB, March '16                         


Loved the fabrics, amazing colours and textures. I was absorbed into creating egis meaningful picture.          
SS, March '16             


I found the experience very moving and feel full in a very pleasing way. I found the lunch very nourishing, both in terms of flavour and in the communal space it offered.

I really enjoyed being taken back to the joy of feeling materials with a sense of fun, exploration and excitement. Ana offered a safe, warm place where I could explore and create and not feel judged. I felt able to access a sense of something calling me.
Libby, Oct '15


A retreat, a reflective, creative space, fun, colour, pleasure, beautiful surroundings, well structured and contained in a relaxed way; a very good medium to work with.
Sybil, Oct '15


Ana was a wonderful host and facilitator.
Working with fabric and threads and to explore my inner world was very valuable. I realised I was more ready than I thought to move on to new ventures, and that I would bring much of my experience so far with me.
It was fun and the results were insightful. I would like to do more of this work with Ana. 
Alison, Oct '15


The surroundings and lunch were both excellent.
This day has opened up whole new realms of ways of looking at my creativity.
I feel the day hung together very well and I enjoyed it enormously.
Chris, Oct '15