Previous Workshops

This page gives a flavour of what happens during a Taster Day workshop at Woodbine Cottage. 

Since the invitation is often made to ‘let the body decide’ or ‘let the thread choose you’ (rather than the mind decide and choose) some exercises are done without the sense of sight so as to focus more intensely on the information emerging from the sense of touch.

Others are done using the senses of both sight and touch while keeping the focus on attention to what is happening within the body.

The afternoon involves creating a piece, yours to take home, that is a reflection or a mirror of you, or a part of you, relative to whatever the topic of the workshop has been. The work encourages the awareness of what is happening within oneself and so what is created is led by what is emerging from within the body.

And as you can see from the photographs, it’s not all serious!

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