About the Work

Threads of Life  •  Fabric of Humanity • Web of community

We are all enveloped in threads and fabric every day of our lives; we get dressed, we dress up, we dress down, we dress for the occasion, we make a statement, we turn heads, all through the use of fabrics and embellishments.   Fabrics, consisting of threads, do so much talking for us and about us – sometimes we do so consciously, but as with so much that we carry, it can easily become something we do without thinking or particular attention.

We are all also threads in the web of our community and in the fabric of humanity, and our own lives consist of threads of influence that have made us who we are. Yet most of us go about our daily lives, with all its demands, without a particular focus on these facts.  

The focus in Transforming Threads is self-knowledge and self-awareness leading to personal change. What counts as personal change depends on what gives you more say over how you live, what increases your response-ability in life.  The work is facilitated by literally using thread and fabric, mainly through the sense of touch, the most primitive of senses, as a way to connect with body and listen to what emerges, informing what changes will serve you better. 

The idea of Transforming Threads captures not only the act of change and the ownership of transformation but also the delicacy of the strands or threads involved in the process of transformation. Who we are at any given moment is hugely affected by the threads of influence in our history – we all have threads that have given life, threads of joy and meaning, but we have all also been affected by threads that have damaged, threads that have knotted, formed blockages and impeded flow.

Working with tangible thread and fabric becomes not only a symbol but a vehicle through which the change process happens. The object created remains a visual and tangible work of creation, of art; the power of making comes into full play.


Taking a Leap of Faith